10 Best Contact Management

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Are you in the market for the very Best Contact Management, and are wondering where to turn for advice?

Fear not, becacuse we have already done the research for you and have identified 10 Best Contact Management. Read on…

10 Best Contact Management

The fact is that with so many options available today, it can be a challenge to differentiate between the array of prices, models, and styles. Many people are surprised to learn that often the Best Contact Management is not the one that comes with the highest price tag.

We have used a range of product criteria and hands-on experience with the items to help us make our decisions.

With our help, you will have what it takes to make important distinctions among the countless products on offer, and you will be armed with the knowledge to select from those with the best balance of quality and price.

In our assessment of the Best Contact Management, you have the ability to locate products based on price point as well as by customer ratings and other key characteristics of the items. No longer will you be forced to make purchases based on little more than a random guess.

Now, let’s dive right into the list of 10 Best Contact Management, where we’ll provide a quick review for each product.

1. Our Best Pick Contacts App

Contacts App
  • Backup/Restore contacts
  • Import/Export from vCard/CSV
  • Restore deleted contacts
  • Delete duplicate contacts
  • Exchange contacts over bluetooth
  • Arabic (Publication Language)

2. Contact Group

Contact Group
  • Create, edit, or remove contact groups
  • Add or edit contacts in a group
  • Conference call any people in a group easily
  • Text or e-mail all members of a group
  • Sync groups with Google automatically
  • English (Publication Language)

3. Email Sign Up

Email Sign Up
  • Collect Names And Email Addresses
  • Automatically stored to CSV file on SD Card
  • Upload addresses to MailChimp List from within the App.
  • Choose a photograph or image to display as the background
  • Optionally collect phone number
  • Option for two customizable text fields
  • Confirm back button press to leave collection screen
  • Customize the title text of the email collection screen.
  • View names and addresses from CSV file from within the app.
  • Pick a random name and offer an incentive to new subscribers.

4. Contact Backup

Contact Backup
  • Backup all Contacts to device or email.
  • Restore vcf from storage or email.
  • User friendly UI
  • Contacts backup, restore & share multiple contacts
  • Add contacts using QR scanning
  • English (Publication Language)

5. Contact Editor Pro

Contact Editor Pro
  • stateful editing: return to an unsaved contact with the launcher
  • option to set default account for new contacts
  • copy/move contact between accounts (tap account icon for a menu)
  • merge data from another contact
  • remove a contact from a specific account
  • basic group management (still needs some work)
  • more predefined labels for phone numbers and emails (for custom contact sources)
  • labels for websites
  • support for editing "Relation" (not for Exchange)
  • support for Google's custom fields (Google Contacts only)

6. People Search

People Search
  • Easy to use
  • Implement Advanced filter on Search
  • Free
  • English (Publication Language)

7. Background Check

Background Check
  • Great for Online Dating
  • Great for Freelancer
  • Great for Networking
  • English (Publication Language)

8. SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts

SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts
  • two-way-sync
  • supports multiple accounts
  • automatic account discovery
  • syncs contact photos
  • customizable sync interval (default: 24h, local changes will be synced almost immediately)
  • supports one-way-sync of groups (iCloud to Android)
  • supports relations
  • supports custom labels
  • English (Publication Language)

9. iGVoice - Free Call and SMS with Google Voice

iGVoice - Free Call and SMS with Google Voice
  • Free call to phone number with Google Voice
  • Free text message
  • High-quality voice calls
  • Easy to use. Start calling or texting with minimum tap.
  • Very useful for travelling, you can use it on any countries
  • English (Publication Language)

10. Talking Caller ID

Talking Caller ID
  • Find out exactly who calls without picking up your phone
  • Customize each caller's announcement message
  • Add different voices and ringtones to your personalized calling themes
  • English (Publication Language)
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